Everyone Knows I'm In Over My Head

...with 8 seconds left in overtime...

28 June 1980
MBPearls's Profile Page

My name is Dayle. The 'y' is silent.

I was valedictorian of Awesome School! Now 20% cooler!

I have a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice that I earned in May 2010 from Metropolitan State College of Denver.

I love comeasur337 like whoa. We've been together almost 10 years! <3

When not working I enjoy playing ice hockey (defense) and working with my American Quarter Horse, Molly.

I also play a ton of games on Kongregate - you should sign up, too!

In loving memory of Curtis Ryan Booth - 12/27/1969-04/28/2010. I will never forget you, Ryan! <3
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